About US

Diaco Technology Development Center

Diaco Center was established based on the 10-year experience of its founders in technological development in mining and related industries. This holding has begun its activities in various branches including innovation and technology accelerator, networking, financing and investment since 2021. Diaco group has different technical and human capabilities in mining, mechanics, industrial engineering, software and hardware engineering, electronics, and computer network.

Diaco Goals

  • Promoting innovation and technology culture in mining and related industries
  • Planning to provide innovative and technological solutions for industry challenges through R&D, Localization and reverse engineering
  • Empowering working teams in innovation ecosystem
  • Managing and leveraging financial resources to invest and commercialize technological projects
  • Strict networking and cooperation with customers, suppliers, innovators, investors and other beneficiaries in mining and related industries
  • Support of technology startups as a startup studio


A leader in innovation and technology development in mining and related industries